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Artists Projects

Visual notes

by: Alex Bodea Drawing reportage, research, series, pen, face , city, artists book, public space

Journey around a table

by: Alex Bodea Ephimera arts found object, graffiti, landscape, pen, reportage, research, series


by: Alfredo Morte Sound art conceptual, interactive, research, sound art

The Garages of Chervonograd

by: Babiychuk Anatoliy Photography analogous, city, conceptual, large format, research, series


FUR. A Study of the Furry Community

by: Carmen Dobre-Hametner Photography body, city, public space, research, political, series

#JWIITMTESDSA? (Just what is it that makes today´s exhibitions so different, so appealing?)

by: Cristina Garrido Installation conceptual, multimedia, participative, research


by: Daniel Jacoby Installation conceptual, artists book, research


by: Daniel Jacoby Cinematic arts abstract, artists book, conceptual, research

Recent Studies

by: Dumoulin Marc-Alexandre Sculpture conceptual, pencil, plaster, research, series


by: Dvořák Sophie Drawing research, series


by: Dvořák Sophie Graphic arts series, research

The Collective Man

by: Gergely László Other research, political, participative, multimedia, collective, conceptual


by: Inés García Gómez Cinematic arts abstract, conceptual, series, research


by: Jakub Woynarowski Graphic arts multimedia, abstract, artists book, conceptual, found object, land art, research


by: Jakub Woynarowski Graphic arts found object, abstract, conceptual, mural, political, stencil, collective, research


by: Jarema Drogowski Other conceptual, research


by: Javier Arce Bueno Graphic arts research

La valla es europeo. The Fence is European.

by: Johanna Tinzl & Stefan Flunger Cinematic arts political, conceptual, research

I don't have much more to say about the wall, except it kept us well inside

by: Johanna Tinzl & Stefan Flunger Installation conceptual, multimedia, political, research

The Heroes of the Shaft

by: Katarina Šević Other collective, conceptual, participative, political, research, series


by: Magdalena Sawicka Drawing analogous, body, city, face , figurative, gender, man, net art, nude, pen, reportage, series, research, woman, subversive


by: Magdalena Sawicka Other analogous, body, face , figurative, found object, man, research, series, subversive , woman

Outside the Role

by: Margan Luiza Installation conceptual, research


by: Mateusz Choróbski Installation conceptual, research, multimedia


by: Mateusz Choróbski Other public space, research, conceptual


by: Meixner Lisa Cinematic arts body, figurative, multimedia, research, woman

Divide et impera (divide and rule)

by: Meixner Lisa Photography body, conceptual, figurative, multimedia, research, woman

Unpredictable Atlas

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Installation conceptual, landscape, research

The Bone

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier New media sound art, stone, public space, research, participative, multimedia, digital

Outline for The Bonding

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Cinematic arts analogous, research

Offshoring Pathways

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Installation conceptual, landscape, research, acrylic, city, public space


by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Installation abstract, analogous, city, conceptual, etching, political, research, series, stone


by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Sculpture conceptual, city, found object, interactive, participative, public space, research, sound art

Caliche Crystals

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Scenic arts abstract, digital, landscape, large format, multimedia, public space, research

5 Kilograms of Eye-Opener

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Installation acrylic, analogous, conceptual, digital, found object, landscape, multimedia, research, sound art


by: Núria Güell Serra Other sound art, subversive , political, research, conceptual

Police Officers Contribution

by: Núria Güell Serra Other subversive , political, research, conceptual, body

Intervention #1

by: Núria Güell Serra Other conceptual, participative, public space, political, subversive , research

Humanitarian Aid

by: Núria Güell Serra Other subversive , political, participative, conceptual, research

Displaced Legal Application #3: F.I.E.S.

by: Núria Güell Serra Other collective, conceptual, political, subversive , participative, research

Displaced Legal Application #2: Exponential Growth

by: Núria Güell Serra Other participative, research, subversive, political, conceptual, subversive

Displaced Legal Application #1: Fractional Reserve

by: Núria Güell Serra Other collective, conceptual, participative, subversive , political, research

54 mm.

by: Núria Güell Serra Other political, research, public space

The Third Place

by: Oppl Bernd Installation body, city, collective, conceptual, participative, research, public space

La Dichosa Marabunta...

by: Pablo Serret de Ena Scenic arts collective, subversive , public space, research, series, man, conceptual, interactive, body


by: Pedro Luis Cembranos Photography series, research

Civil Instruction Museum

by: Pedro Luis Cembranos Installation series, research, political


by: Pedro Luis Cembranos Graphic arts artists book, research, series

Group sits around

by: Péter Szabó Installation collective, conceptual, face , figurative, man, research

Artists in Schools - Present Research Group

by: Péter Szabó Other collective, graffiti, interactive, man, participative, political, posters, public space, reportage, research, stencil

a rose..

by: Proschek Markus Sculpture conceptual, subversive , gender, political, research

Paper Bridge Over Stone Water

by: Przemyslaw Jasielski Sculpture conceptual, research


by: Reif Linda Photography abstract, analogous, conceptual, digital, graffiti, posters, research

I will, instead of you

by: Sári Ember Photography man, research, woman, figurative

Faking Social Currency

by: SIMION CERNICA Cinematic arts political, conceptual, research, subversive , public space, participative, collective, multimedia, series

“Uçan Halım” – “My flying carpet”

by: Soezen Deniz Installation conceptual, gender, multimedia, research, woman, political, subversive , digital, large format, reportage

Trans Angeles

by: Soezen Deniz Cinematic arts multimedia, city, sound art, research, reportage, public space, political

post-colonial skype-performance: news from heidi-land/ radio doenergy

by: Soezen Deniz Scenic arts digital, conceptual, multimedia, net art, political, sound art, subversive , research, public space, interactive, city, reportage


by: Sorin Oncu Installation acrylic, charcoal, interactive, pen, pencil, political, research, subversive


by: Sorin Oncu Other conceptual, gender, acrylic, plaster, political, research, subversive , wood

Teach Me how to Dance

by: Ştefan Botez Cinematic arts body, gender, man, research, series

Keep it Safe

by: Ştefan Botez Drawing body, charcoal, conceptual, figurative, gender, man, series, research, pencil

To a certain degree sacredness is in the eye of the beholder

by: Strouza Stefania Installation abstract, conceptual, political, research

The condition of (im)possibility

by: Strouza Stefania Installation conceptual, landscape, large format, political, public space, research

Angela, how long?

by: Sławomir Czajkowski Painting mural, oil paint, political, posters, public space, reportage, research, serigraphy, stencil, artists book, city, figurative, graffiti, large format

Writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear

by: Tamara Kuselman Scenic arts conceptual, body, sound art, research

We All Shine On

by: Tamara Kuselman Cinematic arts body, conceptual, collective, research

Un futuro Certero (A Certain Future)

by: Tamara Kuselman Cinematic arts conceptual, artists book, sound art, research

Threshold Study III

by: Zoé T. Vizcaíno Cinematic arts landscape, conceptual, subversive , research, series

Threshold Study II

by: Zoé T. Vizcaíno Photography conceptual, landscape, subversive , research, series, large format


by: Zoé T. Vizcaíno Photography landscape, conceptual, abstract, research, series

Apunte Preliminar

by: Zoé T. Vizcaíno Photography conceptual, landscape, large format, research

Something is missing

by: Zsófia Szemző Drawing conceptual, participative, pencil, mural, political, research

Feint realestate agency

by: Zsófia Szemző Drawing city, collective, conceptual, figurative, participative, research, watercolour


by: Zsófia Szemző Drawing pencil, watercolour, research, series, conceptual, collective, figurative, found object

Institutions Projects

Let us be known; let us be seen, and let us shine

by: hablarenarte Other artists book, abstract, collective, conceptual, interactive, multimedia, participative, public space, research, subversive

Cultural Agents Projects


by: Karin Jaschke Other political, conceptual, research

Debatable Screenings

by: Renan Laru-an Cinematic arts digital, multimedia, net art, research, political, landscape, abstract, collective

Materiality / In Dialogue Web Radio

by: Vessel Other city, collective, interactive, multimedia, participative, political, public space, research

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