Tag: Landscape

Artists Projects

Journey around a table

by: Alex Bodea Ephimera arts found object, graffiti, landscape, pen, reportage, research, series

Monteagudo. Natureza! Estás soa?

by: Álvaro Negro Romero Cinematic arts artists book, landscape, conceptual, land art

Jing Jin City

by: Andi Schmied Other landscape, conceptual, artists book

Chkvishi 2013

by: Bolt Catrin Photography analogous, conceptual, landscape, subversive

Twilight (2008-09)

by: Carlos Irijalba Installation conceptual, collective, land art, landscape, large format

Aerial photography does not create space but registers surfaces

by: Cristina Garrido Installation collective, conceptual, net art, found object, landscape

Other Side

by: Ewa Kubiak Installation analogous, landscape, series

Facades and Non-Sites

by: Hausegger Marlene Ephimera arts city, public space, series, analogous, found object, graffiti, land art, landscape, large format, political


by: Jaime de la Jara Installation landscape, political, conceptual

In the Air, Ashore and on the Sea

by: Jakub Woynarowski Installation multimedia, abstract, city, conceptual, landscape


by: Magdalena Sawicka Drawing analogous, body, face , figurative, found object, gender, landscape, man, nude, pen, series, woman


by: Magdalena Sawicka Drawing analogous, body, face , figurative, found object, landscape, man, pen, series, woman


by: Mateusz Choróbski Other land art, conceptual, landscape, sound art, public space, multimedia


by: Mateusz Choróbski Installation sound art, public space, landscape, land art

Unpredictable Atlas

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Installation conceptual, landscape, research

Offshoring Pathways

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Installation conceptual, landscape, research, acrylic, city, public space

Caliche Crystals

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Scenic arts abstract, digital, landscape, large format, multimedia, public space, research

5 Kilograms of Eye-Opener

by: Michelle-Marie Letelier Installation acrylic, analogous, conceptual, digital, found object, landscape, multimedia, research, sound art

Nothing Special

by: Mirela Ivanciu Other collective, landscape, participative


by: Pablo Serret de Ena Photography city, face , landscape, series

One and a half meter

by: Peter Puklus Photography abstract, artists book, gender, figurative, face , conceptual, landscape, large format, nude, still live

Handbook to the Stars

by: Peter Puklus Photography abstract, artists book, city, conceptual, found object, landscape, large format, still live


by: Ştefan Botez Other public space, landscape, series, conceptual

The condition of (im)possibility

by: Strouza Stefania Installation conceptual, landscape, large format, political, public space, research

Malibu Sunrise

by: Vlaschits Marianne Installation acrylic, conceptual, found object, gender, body, man, large format, landscape

Threshold Study III

by: Zoé T. Vizcaíno Cinematic arts landscape, conceptual, subversive , research, series

Threshold Study II

by: Zoé T. Vizcaíno Photography conceptual, landscape, subversive , research, series, large format


by: Zoé T. Vizcaíno Photography landscape, conceptual, abstract, research, series

Apunte Preliminar

by: Zoé T. Vizcaíno Photography conceptual, landscape, large format, research

Top on top, favela rising

by: Zsófia Szemző Photography city, conceptual, landscape, series

PVBLIC, Latvia (LT)

by: Zsolt Tibor Ephimera arts abstract, agitprop, acrylic, city, conceptual, found object, interactive, land art, landscape, large format, participative, public space, political, wood


by: Łukasz Jastrubczak Other landscape, abstract, artists book, conceptual, land art, still live

Cultural Agents Projects

Debatable Screenings

by: Renan Laru-an Cinematic arts digital, multimedia, net art, research, political, landscape, abstract, collective

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