Tag: Collective

Artists Projects

Thick Milk

by: Barna Péli Sculpture body, collective, conceptual, figurative, man

Twilight (2008-09)

by: Carlos Irijalba Installation conceptual, collective, land art, landscape, large format


by: Cristina Garrido Other artists book, digital, collective, found object, net art

The Social Life of ´Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt)´

by: Cristina Garrido Cinematic arts collective, conceptual, digital, net art

Paintings for wallets 2012-2017

by: Cristina Garrido Painting collective, conceptual

Aerial photography does not create space but registers surfaces

by: Cristina Garrido Installation collective, conceptual, net art, found object, landscape

The Platform

by: Daniela Palimariu Installation collective, interactive, large format, participative, public space, wood, conceptual


by: Daniela Palimariu Installation collective, conceptual, interactive, participative, public space, subversive

"Fitting not"

by: Erika, Maria, Dragos Olea, Farcas, Olea Installation collective, subversive , series, body

National Anthem

by: Fermín Jiménez Landa Scenic arts collective, land art, large format, political, public space, sound art


by: Françoise Vanneraud Cinematic arts collective, city, large format, pencil, participative

An epic of humanity

by: Françoise Vanneraud Installation collective, large format, participative

The Collective Man

by: Gergely László Other research, political, participative, multimedia, collective, conceptual

Photocopy/ Fotocópia

by: Irina Botea Cinematic arts collective, participative, body, agitprop, political, woman

Quadratum Nigrum

by: Jakub Woynarowski Installation collective, conceptual, found object

Centre for Contemporary Art Wawel Castle / CSW Zamek Wawelski

by: Jakub Woynarowski Ephimera arts public space, collective, conceptual, land art, city


by: Jakub Woynarowski Graphic arts found object, abstract, conceptual, mural, political, stencil, collective, research

Immovable Land

by: János Borsos Other acrylic, interactive, oil paint, political, series, conceptual, collective, wood


by: Johanna Tinzl & Stefan Flunger Installation conceptual, multimedia, collective, sound art

The Heroes of the Shaft

by: Katarina Šević Other collective, conceptual, participative, political, research, series

Nothing Special reworked after the meeting from Sibiu

by: Mirela Ivanciu Cinematic arts participative, political, public space, city, collective, conceptual, digital, interactive, iron

Nothing Special

by: Mirela Ivanciu Other collective, landscape, participative

Displaced Legal Application #3: F.I.E.S.

by: Núria Güell Serra Other collective, conceptual, political, subversive , participative, research

Displaced Legal Application #1: Fractional Reserve

by: Núria Güell Serra Other collective, conceptual, participative, subversive , political, research

The Third Place

by: Oppl Bernd Installation body, city, collective, conceptual, participative, research, public space

La Dichosa Marabunta...

by: Pablo Serret de Ena Scenic arts collective, subversive , public space, research, series, man, conceptual, interactive, body


by: Pablo Serret de Ena Cinematic arts collective, large format, mural, participative, public space


by: Paweł Borkowski Installation collective, conceptual, interactive, public space, subversive , city, pencil, artists book, series


by: Paweł Borkowski Other city, collective, conceptual, interactive, multimedia, net art, public space, still live

The Traveling Drawing School

by: Péter Szabó Other interactive, conceptual, collective, participative, political, posters

News From The Future

by: Péter Szabó Installation collective, conceptual, found object, iron, large format, political, subversive

Learning Years - New Beginning

by: Péter Szabó Installation collective, man, reportage

Group sits around

by: Péter Szabó Installation collective, conceptual, face , figurative, man, research

Good Morning!

by: Péter Szabó Cinematic arts city, collective, public space

Common Work

by: Péter Szabó Sound art analogous, collective, conceptual, interactive, participative, political, sound art

Artists in Schools - Present Research Group

by: Péter Szabó Other collective, graffiti, interactive, man, participative, political, posters, public space, reportage, research, stencil


by: Péter Szabó Cinematic arts found object, figurative, face , collective, man, reportage

Faking Social Currency

by: SIMION CERNICA Cinematic arts political, conceptual, research, subversive , public space, participative, collective, multimedia, series

We All Shine On

by: Tamara Kuselman Cinematic arts body, conceptual, collective, research

keep away from fire | Constant Traverse

by: Urszula Kluz-Knopek Photography body, collective, conceptual, face , gender, interactive, multimedia, series

Feint realestate agency

by: Zsófia Szemző Drawing city, collective, conceptual, figurative, participative, research, watercolour


by: Zsófia Szemző Drawing pencil, watercolour, research, series, conceptual, collective, figurative, found object

Institutions Projects

Let us be known; let us be seen, and let us shine

by: hablarenarte Other artists book, abstract, collective, conceptual, interactive, multimedia, participative, public space, research, subversive

Cultural Agents Projects

Debatable Screenings

by: Renan Laru-an Cinematic arts digital, multimedia, net art, research, political, landscape, abstract, collective

Materiality / In Dialogue Web Radio

by: Vessel Other city, collective, interactive, multimedia, participative, political, public space, research

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