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Artists Projects

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by: Agnieszka Grodzińska Other abstract, artists book, conceptual, found object, large format, series, plaster, multimedia

Visual notes

by: Alex Bodea Drawing reportage, research, series, pen, face , city, artists book, public space

Monteagudo. Natureza! Estás soa?

by: Álvaro Negro Romero Cinematic arts artists book, landscape, conceptual, land art

Jing Jin City

by: Andi Schmied Other landscape, conceptual, artists book

White Goods

by: Cristina Garrido Scenic arts artists book, conceptual, found object, subversive


by: Cristina Garrido Other artists book, digital, collective, found object, net art


by: Daniel Jacoby Installation conceptual, artists book, research


by: Daniel Jacoby Cinematic arts abstract, artists book, conceptual, research

50 Modern artists

by: Françoise Vanneraud Other artists book, participative

The Portable Painting

by: Guillermo Pfaff Painting oil paint, still live, artists book


by: Inés García Gómez Other artists book, subversive , digital, series, multimedia

Reverb Acts 2011

by: Inés García Gómez Installation analogous, artists book, digital, face , mural, woman

Cahiers Rouges 2012

by: Inés García Gómez Graphic arts artists book, woman, face , series


by: Jakub Woynarowski Graphic arts multimedia, abstract, artists book, conceptual, found object, land art, research


by: Magdalena Sawicka Drawing artists book, analogous, body, face , figurative, found object, gender, man, nude, pen, pencil, series, woman


by: Magdalena Sawicka Drawing artists book, body, analogous, face , figurative, found object, gender, man, nude, pen, series, woman


by: Paweł Borkowski Installation collective, conceptual, interactive, public space, subversive , city, pencil, artists book, series


by: Pedro Luis Cembranos Graphic arts artists book, research, series

One and a half meter

by: Peter Puklus Photography abstract, artists book, gender, figurative, face , conceptual, landscape, large format, nude, still live

Handbook to the Stars

by: Peter Puklus Photography abstract, artists book, city, conceptual, found object, landscape, large format, still live

the broken minute

by: Reinthaler Arnold Installation artists book, conceptual, series

Angela, how long?

by: Sławomir Czajkowski Painting mural, oil paint, political, posters, public space, reportage, research, serigraphy, stencil, artists book, city, figurative, graffiti, large format

Un futuro Certero (A Certain Future)

by: Tamara Kuselman Cinematic arts conceptual, artists book, sound art, research


by: Tamara Kuselman Other conceptual, artists book


by: Łukasz Jastrubczak Other landscape, abstract, artists book, conceptual, land art, still live

Institutions Projects

Let us be known; let us be seen, and let us shine

by: hablarenarte Other artists book, abstract, collective, conceptual, interactive, multimedia, participative, public space, research, subversive

Cultural Agents Projects

The World According To...

by: Katharina Fichtner Graphic arts artists book, series

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