by Mateusz Choróbski

dive [dahyv] dived or dove, dived, diving,
verb (used without object)
1 to plunge into water, especially headfirst.
2 to go below the surface of the water, as a submarine.
3 to plunge, fall, or descend through the air, into the earth, etc.: The acrobats dived into nets.
4 Aeronautics . (of an airplane) to descend rapidly.
5 to penetrate suddenly into something, as with the hand: to dive into one’s purse.

Video installation composed of three separete videos and a poster which is a part of the rest. Poster has got his own meaning which is importance to read the meaning of whole realization.
Video Diving came into being during an art resident in Opole. An expierence of creative process was so absorbing and exhaustive that it influnenced for whole realization. Video is refer to this expierence, which belongs to past and present constant feelings. Diving trys to show it by an abstrack image and a voice which dated from a poetry which was wrotten by Miron Białoszewski and later sang by Ewa Demarczyk. DIVING it is not a video art. I call it as a hybrid of a perfarmance action and a video documentation with a specific lirycal sensitivity.
Tags multimedia
Technique Cinematic arts (Video,...)

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