Mao is Dead

by Piotr Wyrzykowski

“Anarchy in UKR”, Serhij Zhadan

“...To the left, march. Never get interested in politics, do not read newspapers, do not listen to the radio, knock the picture tube out of your TV set and put there instead a color portrait of Mao or Fidel, do not let them make a fucking fool of yourself, do not get hooked to the net, do not take part in elections, do not support democracy, do not attend meetings, do not join a party, do not sell your vote to the social democrats, do not enter debates on parliament, do not refer to the president as ‘my president’, .Politics is corrupt, newspapers and the radio are corrupt, television – you know yourself the whole truth about television! Mao is dead, Fidel is dead, do not let them make a fucking fool of yourself! the net is monitored, elections are corrupt, democracy is defunct, parliament is corrupt, president is corrupt – you do not have a president! do not think about politics! newspapers are full of whores! the radio – whores! television – whores! Mao, a whore, Fidel, a fucking whore! the net is full of whores and fags! elections are full of whores! democracy has become a whore, parliament has become a whore! the president – a whore..."
Tags multimedia, political
Technique Cinematic arts (Video,...)


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