by Igor Omulecki


"...‘Nothing begins and nothing ends’ is how the life represented by Omulecki could be described. Suspended in front of the viewer to be contemplated, it adopts an eclectic visual form. The stylistically diverse collection, circulating between staged scenes, object studies, celestial-observation abstractions, and video, is woven with flows. Energy pulsates between the different elements, as if the artist wanted to represent a single integrated organism. Each fragments completes a loop of returns and repetitions. The family is part of this world and a starting point for its exploration. In "Waveherd", the basic social unit again resounds with biology.

The diversity of the media employed by Omulecki in this project stems from a desire to explore and map the complexity of the system being discovered and to place the family within it. Hence also the decision to look at celestial bodies, and the careful examination of a cloud. In these combinations Omulecki conducts an investigation, as if in these moments of cosmic life he wanted to discover some underlying algorithm, similar to the one that directs the ebb and flow of oceans..."

Jakub Śwircz
Tags abstract, analogous, conceptual, land art, large format, man, sound art, stone, woman
Technique Photography


  • Mama-01
  • Cloud-01


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