Angela, how long?

by Sławomir Czajkowski ZBIOK

The goal of the project is to document the decay of the idea of integration of the European Union from the perspective of Berlin – the major player - the banker of collapsing economies of the old continent. The wraith of the collapsing Euro as a result of failing financial market crisis is a prelude to the deconstruction of the dream of a common Europe. How long will the Berlin finance the resuscitation of the Euroland? Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are the main beneficiaries of German loans are considered guilty of the ongoing political – economic crisis. The increasing voices calling for isolation of the guilty, rouse old demons. Does the current recession is an opportunity for increasing the strength of citizens movements that propose an alternative initiative calling for the end of the old order based on the authority of bankers? Are more and more apparent polarization of the poor - the rich, hardworking – lazy, us and those behind the wall is the de facto introduction of the New, where freedom is inconvenient advantage, buried as the price of the financial status quo? My goal is to analyze the attitudes of different social groups as an litmus paper of European Union condition from the point of view of a politic, immigrant, employer, employee, anarchist, artist, euroenthusiast and eurosceptic. The final product of the project will be an artistic journal of the European crisis closed in the time frame of the residence, based on my observations, analysis, travel and samples from the mass media - economic analysis, policy statements and demonstration reports.
For me Berlin is a center of modern Europe both politically and and in therms of civil movements. Here most important decisions concerning the future of the old continent take place, and here the most interesting ideas are formed which are an alternative to consumerism, the real guilty of the financial discord of the postwar idea of an united Europe.
My plan is to painting – photography interventions based on my resarch in urban space of the capital of Germany, Greece and other beneficiaries of financial assistance. I also plan a publication and an exhibition summarizing the entire project.
Tags mural, oil paint, political, posters, public space, reportage, research, serigraphy, stencil, artists book, city, figurative, graffiti, large format
Technique Painting


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