by Magdalena Sawicka

The bottom and the depth of the human mind. I observe people on the net, watching large amounts of images, which are define people`s lifestyles. I choose features and options, creating a subjective vision of something what is trying to be objective, and can not be. I create something like visualization of human minds. I invite you to join the global community. I illustrate so uncomfortable relationships and exhibit this visions, which we often hidden from the outside world and people`s eyes. That's what it really is, and always will. It lives in secret, behind the closing door. The truth about us is always covert and embarrassed. This is the project about humanity-lost and discovered.
Tags analogous, body, city, face , figurative, gender, man, net art, nude, pen, reportage, series, research, woman, subversive
Technique Drawing


  • +WORK+
  • +flowers pt.2+
  • +no title+
  • +lust short story+
  • +lust short story 2+
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  • +mortification+
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  • +crime+
  • +crime 2+
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  • +crime 3+
  • +bed stories+
  • +bed stories 2+
  • +lust+
  • +mortification 2+


+TUMBLR+   > http://msawicka.tumblr.com/
+BLOGSPOT+   > http://msawicka.blogspot.com/

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