Panorama organik

by Gruppo Tökmag

In the 70’s, Hungarian architecture experienced a boom when the developing sectors of tourism and catering demanded more and more incursions into previously uncharted territory. This period coincided with the most active years of Hungarian organic architecture. Ideologically, this approach was rooted in Steiner’s philosophical concept of anthropomorphism. Their buildings tried to replicate the human body suggesting that buildings are living organisms as well. To achieve a more emphatic effect, architects used as many natural materials (wood, reed etc.) and colors as possible.
At the center of our work is a guesthouse standing on national route 21 between Hatvan and Salgótarján. The house, finished but never inaugurated, exhibits the brand marks of the more moderate trend of Hungarian organic architecture. Derelict and looted, the interior of the building still boasts a decorative element, a large wall picture executed in felt/textile styling ethnographic and anthropomorphic visuals meant to enhance the associative and mimetic character of the house. Our projects proposes to bring this picture into the exhibition space
Technique Installation

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