by Zsófia Szemző

Series of drawings photographs and installations. I am processing such data and phenomena as for example a ladybird species from China, which proliferated in Europe and kills the European ladybirds, or the rabbits that were introduced in New Zealand, which have no natural enemies there, so they have run wild and eroded the local vegetation. I collect these spoilt situations and also successful human solutions, where humans fix broken things by tinkering, such as when we mend a broken chair by instead putting in a leg , we apply a walking cane, or when we apply a rubber band on our pants when we have a torn button.
I show the contradiction that is present between the ideal situation imagined by man, and the modalities of implementation of these ideas. From river engineering to hair-dyeing, from block flat neighborhoods to orthopedic shoes, from divided areas of cities, to changing borders of countries. I would like to create three-dimensional installations, as a beaver's nest, what the beaver built from industrial and urban trash. I am intending to integrate partially or symbolically, scientific data from the fields of genetic engineering, biological and anthropological research.
Tags pencil, watercolour, research, series, conceptual, collective, figurative, found object
Technique Drawing


  • Byproduct
  • extinct species

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