Multiplier Forint

by Péter Szabó

The Multiplier Forint is a simple and widely applicable economic proposal for solving the financial problems of the needy. The proposed new currency’s real value is zero: it has an operational value most of all... It can be deployed in sticky situations, when expenditure cannot be avoided any more, but the disposable amount falls short of the required sum. The new currency is of greatest benefit to those for whom money is always present as a concrete object; whose response to the question “How much money do I have?” is determined solely by the number and denomination of the actual bills in their pockets and purse.
The Multiplier Forint provides no definitive solution; rather, it can be conceived of as a kind of joker card. It requires neither bureaucracy, nor control by authorities. Its use is considered feasible in a primitive and reductive system.
If your approach is clearly mathematically, this object has a failing: it does not multiply anything, just turns the values to Zero.
It’s a paradox object that describes quite specifically the present condition of living.
Tags conceptual, iron, public space
Technique Sculpture


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