Metropolitan archeology

by Gruppo Tökmag

Metropolitan archeology (documentary film)
- Peeling back bills from advertising pillars to the bottom/first one. When is is dated, how many layers are there etc.
- Layers of litter between panes of a space separator street furniture made of glass (Visual archeology). Garbology: garbage research.
- Miscellaneous holes in walls and litter pushed into them
- Presenting the content of found (on a tree, along the road etc.) audio and VHS tapes
- Objects thrown out from multi-storey buildings and stuck on trees (clothes, rugs, christmas trees)
- Marks in asphalt (footprints, tracks)
- Reconstruction of activities under the asphalt (humps, roots)
- Paint spilt on the asphalt
- Situations when plants suppress roads, stairs and squares
- Engravings in bricks (sorted by subject)
- Chewing gums (chronological series from fresh to hardly visible)
- Wearing off of the surface in bus stops (where the door opens)
- Wearing off of stairs ("before and after" photos)
- Different kinds of thumbtacks left in trees
- Trees growing onto steel fences and miscellaneous street objects
- Chronological sorting of junction boxes and litter bins
- Shape of glue lines after removing advertising bills
Technique Cinematic arts (Video,...)

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