by (Randomroutines, Plágium2000, ex-artists collective, etc.)

mixed media installation
variable size (the carpet is 2x3m)
Technical description of the installation:
In the centre of the space, standing on a carpet, a geometric structure fastened together
from metal beams (Dexion shelving system) is the base. Platforms made from recycled
furniture panels complete the irregular lattice structure at highlighted points. The platforms
support the realistic maquettes of imaginary hovels and shelters. (These maquettes are
produced in a reduction of a 1:36 scale, as if a person were approx. 5 cm tall). The
installation has an independent lighting system, comprising light bulbs suspended from the
framework. The structure is made “colourful” with various alternative building materials
(plexiglas, waste-paper, rushes, etc.).
Various note-taking materials are hanging on a bulletin board on the wall (a collection of
types of shelter for the homeless, for survivors and traditional folk hovels; megastructures
from the sixties; etc.).
Next to the bulletin board, in the form of a framed graphic sheet on the wall, there is a
manifesto calling for the renewed expansion of the competence of construction.
Tags city, political
Technique Installation

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