Deer with peruke

by Ádám Dallos

In ancient Greece the young naked male god is often represented with his attribute, an animal, each of them accompained with a special one, Apollo with the swan, Hermes with the goat. These group sculptures inspired me to represent the love of the naked boy and his animal, together, in one piece of work. I chose my own animals. I wanted to have beautiful animals around me, I chose the peacock, the deer, the cat, the fox, or the wolf. I wanted to identify myself with the picture of the chosen animal. In particular, I found my own personality in the substance of a special animal more, than in the other ones, in a deer with peruke. This unusual type of deer is very rare, and known by less people. This type of deer evolves as a result of a testicle injury, which happens, in most cases accidentaly. As the aftermath of the injury, the animal’s testosterone level capsize. Instead of the hard antler, his fellows possess, he grows a soft, tuberous like, morbid growth. The animal is not considered to be a male specie any more in the eye of the horde. He won’t be able to copulate, can’t defend himself, and in most of the cases he perish soon.
Tags oil paint
Technique Painting


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