feed your creature, T.P. Zurich (CH)

by Zsolt Tibor

At the exhibition of the Terminal P project (Fictious Past/s) in Zurich I had the wish to react on the strange life situation of an international training/business centre, a uniform global design space. The situation of the visitors there is quite specific, they stay in the space just for a few hours of transit time, not far away of the Zurich Airport. They should have to fit themselves for this period and become to have ephemer habituals. I made a complex installation for example using engraved plastic texts of simple electric, housekeeping stuffs of a drawer I had for several years in my flat. They are fragments of 'instruction manuals' in Hungarian. Also there are installed some drawings of mine and several smaller site specific interventions. This piece is reminding the 'swiss perfection' and the short routine situation there: made of a pendulum which moves a text of 'time zone adjustment' in the (exotic) Hungarian language and other materials.
Tags charcoal, conceptual, found object, figurative, graffiti, large format, mural, pencil, public space, still live, abstract, wood, tempera, watercolour, pen
Technique Installation


  • drawing
  • feed your creature, detail
  • texts, detail
  • detail
  • swiss
  • swiss

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