Thick Milk

by Barna Péli

The Thick Milk-project started as a formation of a game mentioned in the titled, the original Romanian title (Lapte Gros) translated into English, although effectually they play it under the name of 'Johnny on the pony' in the anglo-saxon world. The aspect of 'getting an idea done' and the rest is just about material realization has always annoyed me, therefore I find the ways to distract the original thought in every possible ways. Even the characters that I use - the pieces of figural sculpture - are the recycled versions of the ones from earlier shows, so the stages of the so-called development of the figure's career, body can be traced if you follow well their history. This is the method how I try to play out the fundamental stationarity of sculpture as a medium and give the figures life stages like in a 3D cartoon. The installation process is also variable, with the Tick Milk there existed many versions which supply the group with new and new layers of narrative. 
Tags body, collective, conceptual, figurative, man
Technique Sculpture

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