by Mircea Stanescu

Gallolyticus.* Blue Spot.
A project of life.

Things in life seems to be simple. You become sick. You develop a hart disease. You get operated. You dream to recover. This opens a process as a day-by-day celestial sensor of yourself, a recollection of motifs concerning your life time. Than you start to wonder and count all the mistakes you’ve done. You ask for life & things, questioning the indoors of your destiny or fate. The GM project is a personal enterprise, a projection dealing with a rhetorical introspective tour of yourself, as a perspective of your facts of life. Ego or sharing? A weird Asian streptococcus appeared as a creepy intruder dazzling your existence like an existential overdose, as an insight menace of life. The images through your heart states than of an imported reality, as a virus, challenging your own critical thinking skills, invading and overwhelming your senses as part of it. The result shows only the side of the living terror, a set of statements, a living proof of the URBANOLEPSIA state of mind.

Gallolyticus has no explanation. It’s a virus. Is only a benign anguish, an act of capturing and exhausting your energy. In this case the genuine reality always pleads as a compromise. The conviction and the ambiguity are antinomics. Although the feelings subscribes as a substitute trajectory of understanding uncanny facts. Here the convulsions and the candor of life plays enough motifs to turn our existence blue. In our illusory transaction with life, we face lethal viruses, but the Reality thinks different and acts unexpected. We have to turn off the page of indifference. No more compromises. Just manipulation revealed. The viruses museum join the new aquisitions. The past don’t stays in the past. If you don’t trust the future you’ll get to know it. The imagery potencial of the unknown reveals always a scenario encripted by either joy or pain.
‘The stories can make us better understand reality but our fotos are haunting us’. The pathos as a story is not obsolete. The sufferance sells good.
Tags conceptual, serigraphy
Technique Installation

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