Faking Social Currency

by Simion Cernica

Any type of ‘currency’ in our society is a convention. Like monetary currency, the social conventions are maintained artificially.
Here I put together a personal approach on ‘faking’ (simulating/performing) or pushing our vision outside the social commodity.
It’s part of my believe to play direct with social emotions beside many more, and engage in a abrupt philosophical quest not just as simple observer or as ‘author’ of forms extracted from the public realm… even I’m not planning to save the world.
Not knowing the parameters or the specifics of the space where the project can be installed, I will try to present it as an open ‘script’ of a few stories-sequences. Putting together works from apparently unrelated projects or of different mediums as separate elements of the installation will produce a dynamic that will invite the viewer to experience the whole construction as a critical journey. All these elements together will create a new work that will generate entirely new references and connections.
The project will be built around 2 videos 'RE-AL-I-TY' & 'Open Playground', one commissioned kids drawing series 'Capitalism - School Portrait', and 2-3 photograph diptychs.
Tags political, conceptual, research, subversive , public space, participative, collective, multimedia, series
Technique Cinematic arts (Video,...)


  • video still from 'Open Playground (Occupy Land)'
  • video still from 'RE-AL-I-TY'
  • drawing from 'Capitalism - School Portrait'
  • drawing from 'Capitalism - School Portrait'
  • from project 'Capitalism - School Lesson'
  • photograph, part of the photo display (installation)

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