by Vicente Blanco

In this series I am using collages and models to re-create symbolic elements from my context. I live in a rural area in Galicia which identity, traditions, architecture, landscape and language are fading away, absorbed by the new economic models. The collages start at this point, using the elements like flora, folklore, architecture, to recreate traditions that I have not lived, and mix them with fictional elements and the contradictions of the present moment. -The houses in the collages are reconstructions of ruins of the past splendor ( rural schools, houses of Indianos, a church and small white houses from the 50’s which were build in a rural area in Galicia to colonize the land during Franco’s dictatorship)-

Symbols have a great meaning for a lot of people, especially when they represent an era, a nation or a vision. After a while almost all symbols will start to mean different things to different people. It’s all about memory but also about new ways to look at things. It’s like growing up, using bits and pieces from a collective history to be an individual.
Tags multimedia
Technique Graphic arts (Etching, collage...)


  • Architectures (Schools), Paper and ink on wood, 170x170 cms
  • Contrato para paisaje, Paper and ink on wood, 170x140 cms
  • Contrato para paisaje, Paper and ink on wood, 134x153 cms
  • Contrato para paisjaje, Paper and ink on wood, 150x150 cms
  • Un Lugar (series), Paper on wood
  • Un lugar (detail) paper on wood

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