Reality show

by Jaime de la Jara

In his essay “Prison Time”, Michael Hardt maintained that we have to construct means for the moment of love to return, for it to be repeated endlessly and take on a temporal density and duration that would become the structure for a new time. The artist has constructed a path twelve metres long by one metre wide for a trolley to circulate automatically along it in both directions. On it is a six meters high tower with a 500 watt spotlight. The trolley moves at a very slow speed from one end of the path to the other, pausing for one minute on both ends. It takes approximately one minute to cover the twelve meters stretch. At this speed, the trolley illuminates everything along its path as it comes under its focus. What happens in this display is that the structure somehow loses its core role and the place takes on a greater centrality. Everything is endlessly repeating itself and marking this temporal density Michael Hardt spoke of. The idea is to generate an artificial way of controlling the uncontrollable, which is time.
Technique Installation

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