Las puertas (Blind trust)

by Fermín Jiménez Landa

My intervention in the building consisted in arriving there from my home travelling with a single premise, do not touch doors.

The habitable converted into a system that opens and closes under rules that depend on the interaction with elements like doors with sensors or human interactions (people who open doors, sliding doors, an opportune call to the waiter to open the door when bringing the breakfast ...).

Just as in the practice of the Situationist dérive disorientation is proposed as a method of apprehension of urban environments, this work proposes another tactic for apprehending different, something unknown a priori.

A ridiculous heroic deed, romantic but parodic, with the aim of establishing relationships between geographic, mapping, spatial, body, architecture, urban ... in the form of a story, of a narrated adventure.
This idea was born many years ago from the head of Po Poy, artist and friend. One day I remembered his plan never carried out and asked permission to take it as my own, almost like a score. Or as a challenge, an alien bet .
Tags body, conceptual, public space
Technique Cinematic arts (Video,...)


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