Anger moments

by Jaime de la Jara

Anger Moments

I understand art as a manipulation, a metaphor of the media, which I can use to change reality through the alteration of what is learnt and known. This is the result of my interest in the unawareness of what surrounds us, of our reality. Knowledge is subject to the information available to us and is proportional to the truthfulness of the mass media. In search of a self-interested meaning or message, the media manipulate things in a certain way: they cut, hide, codify, lie and compare in order to reach a particular aim. I make use of these symbols, focusing on their legitimate ends, so as to distance them from their actual use.

In his essay Prison Time, Michael Hardt maintained that we have to construct a way for the moment of love to return, for it to be repeated endlessly and take on a tempral density, a duration that would become the material structure for a new time. That is what I wanted to construct, tinking in terms of the literal meaning of the word construct. To modify time and make visible not only something that generates a crucial change, but also something that apparently does not, whose change we are unable to perceive because of their fleetingness or because they are too commonplace. Using the strategy and the power of slowness. As Genet, who Hardt addresses in his Prison Time, might have put it, somebody could have achieved it even if it were only for a thousandth of a second. Things are not as they seem. They are much more coplex or contain more than we can see at first glance. Paraphrasing Frank Stella, "things are as they seem, but for me they are not as they seem...". Reality is much more complex, as well as changing and fragile. Any detail can breach it, one single event can transform a scene from reality into something completely different. We to are part of this reality, and that makes us just as fragile and changing. We are a reflection of what is happening around us. With this project, I continue transgressing reality, looking for ways to explore it further and find that which is difficult to see, accentuating the importance of what surrounds us in order to reach a better understanding and valuation.

Now in this project I want to reflect the sublime moments of Anger and produce objects and installations, sediments, as products of This Moments.
Tags conceptual, large format, figurative, participative, political
Technique Installation

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