Displaced Legal Application #2: Exponential Growth

by Núria Güell

We asked the bank robber Jaime Giménez Arbe, alias “El Solitario”, to design the plan to rob a bank agency from the high security prison where he was detained. Jaime described in a novel various strategies to expropriate banks. The first chapter, including several methods, was sold through an auction house specialized in art and documents and the money obtained given to El Solitario. Meanwhile, the plan was protected in a security safe rented in an agency of the same bank targeted to be robbed.

The concept of bank ethics in most private banks is our basis: what is important is to yield profits avoiding the social damage this may imply, a principle emerging of the dependence from the Monetary System on perpetual accelerated growth. Its name in economic theory is exponential growth: the principle that the variation in time of a magnitude M is proportional to its value, implying its very quick growth. The project generates value from a potential value, a strategy alluding to the concept of speculation and inflation forming the main nucleus of financial activity and art business.
Tags participative, research, subversive, political, conceptual, subversive
Technique Other

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