The Bone

by Michelle-Marie Letelier

The Bone is an interactive VR experience inside the skull of a wild salmon, where certain elements and narrations are to be discovered. These narrations address ethical and ecological issues related to salmon farming, domestication and coexistence with this species, from a non-anthropocentric, eco-philosophical and indigenous perspective.

Inside an intermediate world–between deep sea and universe; between present, future or past; between reality, dream or utopia–this skull is a sculptural/architectural construction. The experiencer discovers two otoliths that grow interactively, revealing details about this salmon’s life in the past, as well as reflections towards its cousins: the captive salmons. These reflections are presented as a voice-over from the wild salmon’s perspective; the owner of the skull, in a way of the salmon’s poetic flow of consciousness. The real and virtual space is welcomed by a Yoik sung by Sámi artist Ánde Somby, providing a unique echo and spatiality to this VR, which is physically installed inside an old fishing boat.

This artwork has been commissioned by Screen City Biennial, co-produced by Interactive Media Foundation, co-created with Artificial Rome.

Tags sound art, stone, public space, research, participative, multimedia, digital
Technique New media (Net art,...)


  • The Bone, keyvisual

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