by Michelle-Marie Letelier

How can we perceive electromagnetic fields in, around and within our domestic sphere?

On the occasion of the participation in Narrative Machines: Notes on the Endotic, initiated by artist and curator Lorenzo Sandoval, a notion of Electromagnetic Induction conformed the basis of this conception. By reflecting on the multiple aspects of copper - from its raw aspect as part of a landscape to its global speculation as a commodity - an audio object was built, which enabled an experiencing of the everyday imperceptible electromagnetic fields around the domestic space.

Electrotron is composed by a former GDR telephone handle, modified in order to detect voltage potential objects through induction waves. The built-in microphone and speaker of the handle serve as a detector and sound emitting accordingly, reacting as we move around electric-charged appliances and bodies.

In collaboration with Carlo Crovato

Circuitry provided by hackaweek.com


Exhibited at Kommunale Galerie Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Germany

Tags conceptual, city, found object, interactive, participative, public space, research, sound art
Technique Sculpture

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