by Mateusz Choróbski

BLUEBIRD in Polish means:
(1.1) playboy, a parasite, living off the work of others
(2.1) literally, a bird with blue feathers.

One word, the term is an inspiration - a bluebird. I have searched around this term a relationship and meanings related to my experience. The choice was not indifferent, bluebird is a car made by Nissan, which my father used to have. For me as a teenager bluebird was the equivalent of an American car. The name has become a key theme, a trail which I have begun to follow.

from my collection of bluebirds I chose:
- a play BLUEBIRD by Maurice Maeterlinck
- car nissan BLUEBIRD, model from 89-91

Project in three parts / acts:
1. Trip (from my hometown to Warsaw)
2. Parking (Bluebird was parked on a New Theater parking,
inside of the New Theatre building took place an exhibition)
3. Light (Car lights were turned on during the exhibition and directed on the entrance to the theatre)
Tags public space, research, conceptual
Technique Other


  • bluebird trip documentation
  • bluebird documentation, New Theatre car park
  • bluebird documentation, book
  • bluebird documentation, nissan bluebird

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