Sorin Oncu

Sorin Oncu (Sorin Oncu)

"Art is for me the only way to actively engage myself in protest and highlight issues of present day reality that need to be altered, so my works often reveal a concern with environmental issues or human rights violation."

Sorin Oncu is ironic artist/ protester who uses art as an incisive deconstruction tool of false exclusively good human nature. Actively engaged through his art, he is defined by an intellectual subversion towards corporative political environment, frequently protesting against human rights violations and consumerist mentality.
Preoccupied by complex of identities found in oneself, and existing social tensions. His body of work contains issues that span from the environmental protest against the lack of responsibility and the significance air quality for life conditions in urban areas (Eco) to the works that refer to identity, homophobia and discrimination, aiming to raise awareness and create a place for social cohesion (LGBTeam); from the traumatizing existence of the self destructive contemporary man and necessary oil consumption (EXP(P)) to lugubrious profit registered in times of war (Still Life).
Who Sorin Oncu Born Serbia, 1980
What Artist Artisticname Sorin Oncu
Activity Gathering Romania Web
Tel 0723678404 Email



Installation found object, gender, political, subversive


Other conceptual, gender, acrylic, plaster, political, research, subversive , wood


Other acrylic, conceptual, digital, gender, interactive, political, subversive


Installation acrylic, charcoal, interactive, pen, pencil, political, research, subversive

Exhibitions (selection)

  • 2012 "Isomorphism" Atelier 030202, Bucharest
  • 2011 "Cuples" Kulturhaus, Bucharest
  • 2009 “ECO” Calina Gallery, Timisoara
  • 2012 "Humanity" Galeria 26, Bucharest
  • 2011 "Political Mirage", Totem Il Canale, Venice;
  • 2011 "Possible – Uncertain", Timco, Timisoara;
  • 2011 "Silence Kills" Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest;
  • 2010 Timisoara Synagogue;
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