Lea Rasovszky

Lea Rasovszky's art can be considered as a reflection on the seemingly endless births, metamorphoses, deaths, and ensuing resurrections of pop culture, “the sole myth system that unites us all”, as Leslie Fiedler once said.
Indeed, at first sight it's all there, mostly in the form of small drawings and mixed media panels, or in room installations: the bodies, the boobs, the (s)dicks, the sex, the fashion, the kitsch, the bunnies, the sunglasses, the beauty nails, the Teletubbies, good old Mickey Mouse, the gender trouble, the shrill colors of advertisement, the hype of the new media, even the specters of religion roaming among the earthly sinners at the supermarket.
Rasovszky's works are characterized by a fresh roughness and rawness, albeit never taking delight in trash. Nonetheless, they always espouse an in–your–face–attitude, sometimes marked by anger, melancholy, even bitterness, sometimes by crude irony and humor.

text by Dr. Jörg Scheller
Who Lea Rasovszky Born Romania, 1986
What Artist Artisticname Lea Rasovszky
Activity Gathering Romania Web www.whatwouldleardo.blogspot.c...
Tel +40723695652 Email lea.rasovszky@gmail.com



Installation iron, conceptual

Sorrow, Heartache, Recovery & Shit

Drawing face , conceptual, large format, series, political


Installation body, found object, woman

The Savages

Painting face , gender, man, woman, series, acrylic


Drawing face , gender, found object, man, pen, pencil, series, woman

Exhibitions (selection)

  • Selected exhibitions:
  • Personal:
  • 2012- The Savages, Atelier 35, Bucharest, Romania
  • 21 works acrylic on polystyrene, 50x50 cm, 2010 – 2012 + live potted plants
  • 2011- MEN, Atelier 35, Bucharest, Romania (Curator Silvia Saitoc)
  • 16 mix technique drawings on various sized paper
  • 2011- Sorrow, Heartache, Recovery & Shit, AlertStudio, Bucharest, Romania
  • 8 drawings – oil pastel on paper, 2010-2011 + 4 installations (neon, readymade objects)
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