Bureau of Melodramatic Research

Irina Gheorghe and Alina Popa founded the Bureau of Melodramatic Research in 2009 to infiltrate the affective modulations of politics and embody the emotional performance of labour in the current economy. They employ a practice of exaggeration, amplifying and scattering affect rather than obstructing it, germinating enormous chasms in the cast of our solidified everyday life. As special agents of the Bureau, they also follow the intricate workings of alien, anonymous passions which connect us to an unhuman world at the core of ourselves. This connects to their secret activities within the Bezna group (an obscure Slavic word for intense darkness), whose methodologies are based on uncertainty and diffuse fear to investigate areas ranging from the Apocalypse to the Netherworld and the Unknown itself.
Who Bureau of Melodramatic Research Born Romania, 2009
What Artist Artisticname Bureau of Melodramatic Research
Activity Summer meeting Hungary Web http://thebureauofmelodramatic...

Exhibitions (selection)

  • Lovegold Contemporary Alchemy - a cosmic cooking show, mixing up essential ingredients of the new economy (CDA Istanbul and BAK Utrecht, 2013)
  • Protect Your Heart at Work - a safety training for the post-fordist emotional workplace (Technical Museum Warsaw, 2012)
  • Radio Prolife - a pirate radio station trying to hack life back from Prolife and expand it to a non-reductionist spectrum (Salonul de Proiecte and MNAC Bucharest, 2012-2013).

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