#7 Interview with Mami Odai

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"The dangerous myth that nuclear energy is a clean alternative" Ian Lowe

I had the opportunity to meet Mami Odai many days during my stay in Tenjiyama Art Studio, where she works daily. She is also a member of S-AIR, as well as part of many other projects inside and outside the local context of Sapporo. A few days before to ask her for an interview, Mami told me that Hiroshima is her hometown, therefore reactivating the debate on the use of nuclear energy in Japan is obvious. The fact that technological devices are a constant here, even in the most routine tasks, increases energy consumption. In addition, this situation serves as an excuse to keep active nuclear power plants. In most conversations I held about the future, not only with Mami, the concerns about nuclear environments have been a constant. Also an ongoing criticism against energy abuse or the unneeded electronic devices in everyday life. In relation to utopia, Mami tabled the question of zen attitude as a state of mind that allows certain necessary distance in order to analyze things thus improving them over time.














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