#2 Interview with Kyoko Tachibana

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Are there any projects you would like to carry out but you consider to be somehow utopian?


I work with oral memory and podcasting. In the research, conversations and interviews are a central part of my methodology. Regarding the future, I used these two formats to generate the collective book A Brief History of the Future. However, in this book the interviews were written over several weeks. In Sapporo I am researching through oral memory, generating audio recorded interviews in order to produce a final single podcast made by different materials around the notion of the future.

The first of this series of interviews was held with Kyoko Tachibana. Kyoko is a member of S-AIR team and the person accompanying me during my research. Thanks to her I have access to different reading materials and to people in Sapporo to interview next. Her critical thinking about many issues in our daily conversations during my stay in Sapporo and the fact that she is not particularly interested in science fiction was one of the reasons that prompted me to interview her.








Barcelona based Sonia Fernández Pan is the Curator-in-Residence at S-Air Sapporo from August to September 2016, researching around the notion of future in Japanese society.

#3 Interview with Yoshio Aramaki #1 Was the Future already here?

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