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04/09/2016 Research residency

#5 Interview with Eiko Soga

"Is there any ancient wisdom that we can learn to support our life in today's capitalist society and in the future?" Eiko Soga

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03/09/2016 Research residency

#4 Interview with Rie Kawakami

"And can you offer me a proof of your existence? How can you, when neither modern science nor philosophy can explain what life is?" Ghost in the Shell.

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02/09/2016 Research residency

#3 Interview with Yoshio Aramaki

"Reality is too fast to be caught by fiction" Yoshio Aramaki

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01/09/2016 Research residency

#2 Interview with Kyoko Tachibana

Are there any projects you would like to carry out but you consider to be somehow utopian?

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31/08/2016 Research residency

#1 Was the Future already here?

Progress and Dystopia for Mankind. Footnotes on the history of the Future in Japan

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18/07/2016 Art Spy report

How to disassemble a Nation 3

All Javier Castro’s video-creations seek to expose a reality of the Cuban society, conveniently silenced by the power structures of the government.

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21/06/2016 Art Spy report

How to disassemble a Nation 2

The artistic duo Celia-Yunior, with their vocation for research, reexamine official Cuban archives and question their legitimacy. A much needed gesture in the current circumstances.

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25/05/2016 The board comments

When the Artists and Curators Have Voices

Before talking to Edisabel Marrero Tejeda, my knowledge about Cuban art was scarce, mediated through the few articles I have read about this vivid scene – I could sense there was so much content there, that was feeding the imagination and was calling for more knowledge and verified information.

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23/05/2016 Art Spy report

How to disassemble a Nation

I am aware of the impossibility to successfully summarize almost sixty years of the development of Cuban Art History in two pages. But nevertheless I think it is necessary to state at least point some fundamental aspects to better understand Cuban contemporary art.

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01/05/2016 Art Spy report

Identification as Reappropriation

Luiza Margan surprises, confuses, provokes smiles and has clearly defined intentions behind her approach, one of them being the reappropriation of the past in a subtly humorous way.

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