Managing New displacements from Geography

Managing New displacements from Geography: curatorial research trip Chile, July 2018.

Curatorial research trip. Chile, July 2018.

hablarenarte and Curators' Network have been invited to join the research trip organised by Rodolfo Andaur. The Chilean curator has developed this platform taking into consideration the complexities of the boundaries of central and northern Chile, the diversity of the Atacama desert and the particularities of visual art platforms outside Santiago de Chile.

One of the main objectives of this event was to delve into the historical, ethnographic and political plots in some cities and towns within the national territory. In the face of such preliminary introspection, the visited places become capsules which foster research and the development of countless reflective actions, which, in most cases, are focused on visual arts. This event justified its role as a driver of ideas, boosting local scenes, which will undoubtedly result in the creation of new projects.

The 2018 edition was attended by curators, researchers and visual artists from several countries: 

Sussa Husse (curator, Germany), Benjamín Seroussi (curator, Brazil), Asep Topan (curator, Indonesia), Gabriela Bettini (visual artist, Spain), Françoise Vanneraud (visual artist, France), Severin Guelpa (visual artist, Switzerland), Sandino Scheidegger (writer and curator, Switzerland), Roxane Bovet (curator, Switzerland), Inanna Riccardi (anthropologist, Italy), Christopher Sand-Iversen (curator, Denmark), Francisca Moenne (curator and researcher, Australia), Ed Pien (visual artist, Canada)Johannes Frits (visual artist, United States), Louise Oates (visual artist, United Kingdom), Marco Godoy (visual artist, Spain), Bruno Leitao (curator, Portugal), Emma Haugh (visual artist, Ireland), Yoan Mudry (visual artist, Switzerland), Peter Birkholm (visual artist, Denmark), Kim Kilde (visual artist, Denmark) and Chilean artists: Rosa Velasco, Germán Tagle, Alejandro Quiroga, Patricia Domínguez, Carlos Silva and Elisa Balmaceda.

In conclusion, this event was thought as an encounteer to dialogue and debate about the contrasts arising in this peculiar geography, its territorial scope and how, from such analyses, parallels can be built with other contexts. 

For these reasons and within the framework of the national program "Traslados", two laboratories of critical thinking and curatorial production were lead by Benjamín Seroussi (Casa do Povo, Sao Paulho) and Flavia Introzzi (hablarenarte, Spain), with the purpose of gathering and supporting local cultural agents from the northern regions of Arica, Parinacota, Antofagasta and Tarapacá.

Full details about «Managing new displacements from geography» programme are available here.

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