Encura research residency 2019

Luce Choules is the confirmed resident of the Encura #3 residency at Hangar Barcelona

Curatorial research residency at Hangar, Barcelona

The selection committee for the Encura #3 research residency chose UK based artist Luce Choules as future resident of the Hangar and Curators' Network programme-collaboration.

The jury was composed of the comittee board of Hangar Barcelona: the director Lluís Nacenta, Sergi Botella and Giuliana Racco; and the comittee board of Curators´ Network: Carmen Mateos and Georg Zolchow.


Luce Choules proposes to develop a collective fieldwork that explores remote outposts, peripatetic practice and the fluidity of site-responsive working. The project invites two acctual resident artists from Hangar and two cultural agents to engage in a critical dialogue about embodied knowledge, ecological economies, roaming landscapes and territory. The outcome of the project will be presented in a documentary filmwork.


The runner-up of the Encura #3 open call is Carlota Mir.

Besides the already mentioned, the comittee also preselected the proposals of Sofia Villena Araya, Larisa Luz Zmud, Simon Wursten Marin, Marina Valle Noronha, Pádraic E. Moore, Naz Balkaya y Lia Carreira.


We sincerely thank all participants of the call and wish the selected candidate all the best for her residency at Hangar Barcelona.





Open call Encura #3, July 2018:


Hangar Barcelona in association with Curators' Network is offering a fully-funded two-month-residency in Barcelona, Spain, during February and March, 2019.


Application form:



The call is free of charge and open to all curators and researchers who currently do not live and work in Catalonia. Deadline for the submission of applications is October 14, 2018, midnight, Spanish time, CEST time zone.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work either with artists residents at Hangar and/or other cultural agents, located in Catalonia and/or another location along the Spanish territory. Therefore, the selected candidate will have the occasion to research the wider artistic context of Barcelona and Catalonia as well as to establish networks and dialogues with other local and national cultural agents.  

Applicants should submit a proposal that fits into the general lines of work of Hangar and Curators' Network. As previously mentioned, the proposal must foresee a collaboration with other cultural agents (2 maximum), as well as a presentation of the outcomes in a format other than a classical exhibition.

It will be fundamental to justify the reason for developing the research in the selected territories, understanding the residency as a process of situated work in which immersion in the context makes the places, agents, present structures and relationships contribute coherence to the project.

We are aware that in rural or peripheral territories, this situated work usually arises organically due to the needs or riches of the context. For this reason, the selection criteria include sensitivity to projects related to these places, although they do not exclude proposals located in other environments such as the urban one.

The selected candidate are expected to realize the suggested project during the residency. 


The call is open for all cultural agents who as part of their practice habitually work with artists, from a free-lance or institutional perspective (curators, researchers, art writers, ...).

There is no age limit.

Applicants should currently not reside in Catalonia.

Only one application per person or collective permitted. Curatorial collectives have to assign one member as the resident.

The call seeks especially for participants who work with a high level of excellence, but do not yet have a consolidated international career, as one of the primary goals of Curators’ Network is to promote art-professionals who are still not well known in a larger international context.

Applicants should feel comfortable engaging in artistic discussions in English.

Submitted projects should include a working proposal with one or two other collabortors: residents artists at Hangar and/or other cultural agents, located in Catalonia and/or another location along the Spanish territory.

The projects can be both motivated by an already existing research strand of the candidates or can be articulated for this specific purpose

The successful applicant will be asked to present the results of the residency at the end of his/her stay in the frame of Paratext programme at Hangar. This final presentation should seek new and original ways of presenting the research and the work, ideally also in a digital/online format.

The successful applicant will also be required to narrate the process of the residency through the Art Spy blog at Curators' Network and to seek opportunities to share their experience with their own local communities.

Applicants should commit to be available during both full moths of the residency: February & March 2019.



The residency programme includes the following benefits:

  • In and outbound travel (up to 450€) 
  • Local travels: Madrid and/or other national destination to develop the project: 200€ for each two-wyas journeys.
  • Professional honorary for the resident (2.600€ before taxes).
  • Professional honorary for a maximum of 2 cultural agentes collaboratoring within the residency project (500€ before taxes).
  • A production budget of 1.400 € which will be collectively defined among resident, cultural agents involved and Hangar production team.
  • Accommodation (own bedroom in a four-room house located at Hangar residency space).
  • Accomodation in another location in Spain, when necessary for the development of the project (700€) + perdiems (maximum 30 days).
  • Three nights accommodation in Madrid (180€) during ARCO Art Fair + perdiems.
  • Maximum of perdiems allocated for the whole project are 620€.
Hangar will provide the following for each residency:
  • A working space and internet connection (Please bring your own laptop as no computer will be provided)
  • Technical assistance for the activities that the candidate will undertake during the residency at Hangar.
  • Mediation coordination, between resident and local cultural agents, on each location the residency will take place.

Curators' Network will provide the following:

The successful candidate is required to arrange for their own visa and insurance in advance.

  • Deadline: Applications should be submitted online not later than Sunday 14th of October at Midnight [Spain, CEST].
  • Jury: The resident will be chosen on the basis of the submitted applications. The jury will be composed of Curators' Network team and the programme committee of Hangar.
  • Notification: The successful applicants will be notified latest by 14th of November, 2018.


Application form:


About Hangar


Hangar is a centre for art research and production located in Barcelona, Spain. Hangar’s mission is to support visual artists and other cultural agents during the different moments of their art production processes as well as to contribute to the best development of their projects. Hangar facilitates equipment, facilities, production assistance and a suitable context for free experimentation and knowledge transfer. Hangar is located in the Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona and in a mid 19th Century that was originally designed for the textile industry. At present, and after the centre was extended to the adjacent warehouses, the buildings used by Hangar cover a total surface of 2,600 m2.

About Curators' Network


Curators’ Network is a platform which works since 2010 for the interconnection and the exchange of the local knowledge and for the mutual benefit of all implicated art professionals and their institutions. The general aim of Curators’ Network is to foster the international promotion and interconnection of art professionals who live and work in environments that can be considered peripheral to the main centers of contemporary art. It seeks making visible these professionals 

on an international scale as well as transferring local knowledge to an international community and vice versa. The activities of Curators’ Network are real-life events that are always combined with tools of digital promotion.


hablarenarte (Curators' Network)

Georg Zolchow or Flavia Introzzi (georg at hablarenarte.com // flavia at hablarenarte.com)


Belén Soto or Sergi Botella (belen at hangar.org // sergi at hangar.org)




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