Curators' Network collaboration at SACO, Chile

SACO is a contemporary art encounter annually held in the region of Antofagasta, in northern Chile.

Curators' Network selected Teresa Solar Abboud to present her work through a site-specific installation at SACO. The artist will also take part of a residency programe at Quillagua, the driest place on earth.

Curators' Network collaborates with the fifth edition of SACO (Chile) international art encounter, through the participation of artist Teresa Solar Abboud. SACO is held annually in the region of Antofagasta, in northern Chile, as an independent initiative of the collective SE VENDE Mobile Contemporary Art Platform.

SACO seeks to create a space for reflexion, critique and dialogue in the Atacama Desert that materialises in an international encounter of artists, experts and the public in a territory marked by the absence of institutions dedicated to pursuing those purposes. Each version of SACO has a particular focus and unique characteristics. For it's fifth edition, it has focused on migration as a vital experience: One way ticket. 

Today, one out of every ten inhabitants of northern Chile is a foreigner. For more than a decade, some have called the country the Switzerland of Latin America converted into a desired place to which people make a pilgrimage, with only a one way ticket in their hand, or through the clandestine path in the North. This is why Antofagasta, as the largest urban and economic centre in the Atacama Desert, arises as a logical and timely place for talking about migration, this time not as a socio-political phenomenon but comprehending it as a transcendental human experience, shared by millions.


One Way Ticket

Seven international artist have been invited to perform works that arise from their life experience, self-referent and at the same time universal. From 18th to 28th of August, the participating artists and curators, will work on emigrations as one of the most significant and transversal hallmarks of our times. Today, emigrating is assuming an schizophrenic identity forever. See programme.

Artists: Angel Delgado (Cuba/EEUU), Bogdan Achimescu (Romania/Poland), Paula Quintela (Chile/Australia), Johannes Pfeiffer (Germany/Italy), Alicja Rogalska (Poland/ England) and Teresa Solar (Egipt/Spain). 

Curators: Krzysztof Gutfranski (Poland), Flavia Introzzi (Argentina/Spain) and Marisa Caichiolo (Argentina/EEUU).


Our Collaboration

After been asked to present an artist to SACO5, Teresa Solar Abboud has been invited by Curators' Network to present her work through a site-specific installation in northern Chile, Antofagasta. She will also, after the venue, take part of a residency research programe at Quillagua, the driest place on earth in order to keep researching in one of the remarcables topics of her work: deserts.

Teresa Solar Abboud (1985) lives and works in Madrid. Amongst other projects she has exhibited as a solo artist at La Panera Lleida, Matadero Madrid, CA2M and Formato Cómodo Gallery. She has been finalist of the Rolex Mentorship Program and has been recently awarded the "Generaciones" prize, the production grant CAM, and the production grant Fundación Marcelino Botín, which has enabled her to produced her latest movie, Al haggara, that has been shot between El Cairo and Madrid.


With the support of

This collaboration project has been possible thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through it's programme of mobility for cultural and artistic agents (PICE).

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